hot air balloon by steph

The edge is inches away
One more step would be easy
Is your heart ready to fall
into forever and loyalty?

A soft landing is predicted
but there is no guarantee
bumps won’t occur with the
need for Band-Aids and Chablis

Persuasion is not my style
I want you to want me
So with endless devotion
will you help nurture our journey?

I see you in my tomorrows
and everything in between
Let’s take a leap of faith
with an everlasting warranty

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: My Daughter ♥

Memories, Tears & Sinful Cravings

I heard about this poetry form, Cinquain, during one of my visits to If you get the chance, stop by Michael’s blog. His writing is wonderful and he ventures into different poetry forms and emotions. I know you won’t be disappointed! 

I would definitely call these “rough drafts” and more practicing is in the future, but I hope you enjoy…

When they were Young

barefoot on cool
grass, swinging in summer
breeze, smiles bigger than Texas state
the past


ears with shaky
hands, unbelievable
echos of pain flow in and out
fear not?


comfort food, oh,
something creamy sounds good
gooey, sinfully delicious
dark, though

Lauren Scott © 2014

Mt. Baldy

We were rising, riding to the top with
patches of green below. I could
have almost touched the sky. My skin
warmed with each look from the blue
in your eyes. You looked at me with
devotion, but you had something up
your sleeve. Our life’s path was about
to change; an anticipated detour for both
hearts. Nothing would ever be the same,
in a good way, like the fairytale that
replayed in my dreams. This place was
enchanting, so close to Heaven, where flowers
bloomed and time stood still and God gave
His blessing. The bubbly was on standby,
I didn’t know at the time…for this was where
you asked me to be your Wife, to share each
high, low, day and night and where you said
those three sweet words
to me for Life.

On the Edge of Consciousness


We’ll hold each other close
with our hearts beating in sync
Their rhythm will do the rocking
while we drift into sleep

Cloud floating is what we need
to relax our bodies and mind
Creating dreams of only hope,
to the dark not being resigned

When the light awakens us
let our story’s ending be different
but if reality hasn’t changed,
guide us forward without ignorance

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: Google Images


Just yesterday, the score was even
but now I see you’re in the lead.
I apologize for my lack of
attention to the rules
or understanding a clearer
strategy. I was never the
best at playing games.
You were so much
better than me.

You had me fooled with
your moves sweet as
honey, though, I still feel like
a winner in the best of
reality. They say hind-sight
is twenty-twenty and now
I believe it to be so. For
with or without you, I’m
no longer feeling empty
and you are now nothing
but a bitter memory.


Lauren Scott © 2014

Healing Hope

Butterfly by Steph Final edit

Maybe one day we’ll understand why
then again, life isn’t black and white
It’s not kind and it’s not fair
sometimes, very hard to bear
Walls will crumble now and then
but the sun will shine once again
We need to trust in Him for strength
keeping fear at arm’s length
He’ll guide us through the blues
on this journey we didn’t choose
In our hearts, hope will stay alive
and in prayer we will thrive

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo Credit: My Daughter

Worst Critic

Some days the mirror searches and I let out a sigh
those times I’d rather not be me, myself or I
What’s more, I’m tired of the manner in which my smile smiles
I’ve never been content throughout my lifetime’s miles

I will honestly admit, though, with my chin to the skies
I’ve been pretty satisfied with both of my eyes
Now you ask about my nose and my nose is quite compatible
not only for its shape, but for its job so valuable

It somehow brings to balance all the artwork on my face
and I kind of like my hair, while its color has been graced
My body, well, that’s a tale I’d prefer to let alone
I’ll refrain from complaints here; I’ll do that at home

I could go on and on, but I think I’ll move that mirror
so next time when I’m getting ready, I’ll see things much clearer
and after putting much more thought into this conversation
I think I’ll just be grateful and pass on alterations

Lauren Scott © 2014